Team Talks

Looking for a team talk or workshop? I’ve got you!

At Sterling Sport Mindset,

I get that students sit in class several hours a day and that one more presentation might just feel like too much.

Lecture is often boring. I get that.

I get that athletes are doers.

It’s nice to hear the info, but that application is the game changer. I get that.

I get that the field of sport psychology is super interesting and that developing your mental mindset should be too.

It’s important to have tangible take-aways.

Because I get it, my team talks and workshops are:

  • a positive environment where sharing is encouraged as comfort level allows.
  • engaging and fun. We may watch a quick video or play a brief game to demonstrate a mindset concept.
  • interactive and applicable. We’ll begin to develop a personal mental game plan for your sport & position.

Athletes will leave my team talks & workshops with techniques they can implement immediately to improve their game.

Speaking Audience:

  • Teams/Position Groups/Captains
  • Select High School Student Athletes
  • Incoming College Freshman Parent Groups
  • Coaches
  • Student Athlete Support Teams
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Counseling Professionals

Types of Presentations for team talks or workshops:

  • Seminars – 90 min to 3 hours
  • Workshops – half-day, full-day, multi-day trainings
  • Breakout sessions
  • Conference keynotes
  • On or off the field presentations.
  • Off the field presentations may take place in a conference room, classroom, or student athlete center.

Speaking Avaliability:

  • Base out of Georgia
  • Online via Zoom
  • Available for select travel engagements

Want to discuss booking a team talk or workshop for your team? Contact me.

Thinking an individual mini session is a better fit? Schedule here.