The pressure athletes in all levels of sport experience is immense. I often hear that sports are 90% mental and the rest is skill and hard work. Coaches often tell athletes things such as “get your head in the game” and “focus up”. We don’t, however, get any instruction on how to focus or get our head in the game. It is as if we are expected to just do it, without any instruction or training. That is why mental performance training is important. I have had the opportunity to work with athletes from all levels and sports, therefore I have been able to see the pressure they work under. Moreover, I am able to train them to reach their full potential, on and off the field.

I have the opportunity to interview athletes about the importance of mental performance in their sport. Below are some of the interviews I have conducted with athletes ranging from the recreational level to the professional level. I will conduct some interviews in English, and some in Spanish.

Houston Dynamo defender, Sam Junqua, sits down with us to discuss the importance of mental performance in his sport.
Orlando City SC’s David Loera discusses the mental challenges a professional player experiences.
Interview with Alejandro Fuenmayor, professional soccer player for Houston Dynamo. Interview conducted in Spanish.

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