My goal is improvement. My philosophy to achieve improvement consists of the following ideals: I believe that little by little, a little becomes a lot. I also believe that the difference between an elite athlete and an average athlete is how they use failure. Elite athletes use failure as a stepping stone, while an average athlete uses it as a stumbling block. I believe that failure is our friend when we use it as a learning tool towards improvement. Therefore, we will embrace the ugly and use it to find solutions. Are you feeling like you are lacking confidence during game time? Do you feel like you have lost you’re the confidence you once had? We will analyze what factors played into these results, and we will make small changes. Little by little, those little changes will bring about great improvements.

Are we a good fit to work together?

It is important to note that I will give it my all to those with whom I work. I am all in. Therefore, I expect the same respect and effort from you. If you are willing to work hard and be diligent in learning and growing from failure, we will make a great team. In turn, we will accomplish extraordinary things. I will tailor all of my knowledge and skills to propel your improvement, and I will be with you every step of the way. Check out the About me page to know more about me.

Why is a mental performance consultant important for improvement?

Elite athletes request the services of personal trainers in order to improve their physical fitness and health. Personal trainers have the experience and the knowledge to help you improve physically, and there is no question they are a great asset to your physical improvement. It is equally essential to improve your mental fitness, like your confidence and your ability to get “in the zone” when necessary. It is vital for you to constantly improve your mental performance in order to succeed in whatever endeavor you pursue. It is my goal to help you learn how to constantly improve, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in.

What you receive with this program:

Throughout the 4 or 6-month program, we will assess your areas of strengths and areas of improvement. We will then tailor the program to your sport, strengths, and areas of improvement. Together we will create your complete mental game plan, helping you be prepared to tackle any obstacle that you face on and off the field. We will create structure to your mental game, therefore boosting your mental game exponentially.

I understand that talking about things that you don’t tell others may be scary, but I pledge to create an environment where you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts. It is important that we know what you are thinking when anxiety kicks in before the game, or when your confidence has plummeted. By knowing this, we can then work on replacing those thoughts and creating apowerful mind. It is hard work, and it takes time, but I am confident I can get you there.

Outside of Session Support Included!

At Sterling Sport Mindset, we know that sport happens outside the session and we’ve got you.

Voxer Message Support

I offer unlimited support via Voxer. Send me a Q and I’ll get back to you with an A. I would love to hear from you! Here are a few ways I use Voxer:

-Ease excessive game-day jitters.
-Share a mid-week thought you’ve been pondering.
-Celebrate a win.
-Do a quick post-game debriefing.

Ready to learn more and see if this is for you? Take the first step and schedule your free mini session with me today!